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With very little innovation in the shopping space combined with rising prices on brand new products, it's almost impossible to get great deals. We find creative ways to accommodate and reward shoppers with the incredible deals and discounts that they deserve and dream of! We are consumers working for consumers to increase buying power! Therefore, it not only makes consumers happy, but retailers as well. In turn, retailers can now lower their prices, allowing even more consumer savings!

WonupShop is made up of moms and dads, devoted entrepreneurs, and consumers just like you. Get the most for your money with our Winning Seat! Get a shot at winning items you intend to buy with no extra charges starting as low as $9.99. From groceries to home decor; clothing & accessories to electronics, winning is just 1 seat away! Together, we are continuously building WonupShop to increase your buying power and enhance your shopping experience.

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The Team

William G. Ameni

Co-Founder & CEO

Carole Morency


Shazib Razzaq

Senior Engineer

Carlos Montoya

UI / UX Designer